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India Bollywood Tour

India is one of the biggest films making country in the whole world, which produce approximately 1000-films in an each year. India has formed a maximum of 67000-films, since 1931 when the cinemas were set up, especially in 30 different languages. Today’s Indian Bollywood industry generates more income in comparison of other industry & open opportunities in the various fields such as stunt rehearsals, choreography, publicity campaigns, back ground music etc. In today’s life you can hear Indian famous songs on any occasion such as, in weddings, on birthday celebration, in the nightclubs, on festivals etc.

Day 01 -
1100 Hrs (AM)

India Bollywood TourMorning arrive at the film-location. Afterwards meet with the executive of the production company who will assist throughout the Bollywood tour & give a brief introduction in regards to the beginning & growth of the world famous bollywood industry of Mumbai, India.

Day 01 -
1130 AM–0200 PM

India Bollywood TourThe company executive will assist to view the different shoots. You are also allowed to watch the shootings, which is either of AD Films, T.V. serials, Features films etc. They will also tell you about the working & conducting process of various shootings.

Day 01 -

0230 PM – 0430 PM –ANY TWO

India Bollywood TourRaw film processing, dubbing, Make up, vision mixing, sound effects & animation, making of set, special effects, choreography, publicity campaigns, stunt rehearsals etc

Day 01 -
0500 PM

India Bollywood TourLater production company executive will assist you till the gate where you will be received by our company’s executive.


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